Attio Review 2023

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Paddy Stobbs
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Attio is one of the hot new CRMs on the block. Founded in 2019, it’s marketed at startups and small teams who need a simple (but smart) tool to track their relationships. 

We’ve spent 3 months testing Attio and…..spoiler alert - we’re fans. 

But Attio isn’t right for everyone, and there’s a lot of other options in this space, so here's our high-level expert take.

Stackfix's Verdict

  • Best-in-class UX
  • Fantastic data enrichment
  • Fast product iteration
  • Lacks more advanced CRM functionality
  • Lacks many pre-built integrations
  • Expensive beyond the entry tier
Best for
  • Small teams (1 to 50 people)
  • Who only need basic CRM functionality, and who value data enrichment and a delightful UX
Less good for
  • Larger teams (51+ people)
  • And/or teams that need more advanced CRM functionality or pre-built integrations

What does 



Attio is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. 

CRM’s help you track and optimise your business relationships with individuals and organisation. Specifically, most CRMs (including Attio) enable you to:

  • Store contact or deal information
  • View all correspondence with a single contact or organisation
  • Track relationships or deal progress via a pipeline (and remind you to follow-up at the right points!)

…and much more. For a full list of Attio's functionality, see here.

What does 


 look like?

No items found.


Best-in-class UX

Attio is, quite simply, a joy to use. We love the clean and blazingly fast UI (page loads are +20% faster than the majority of other CRMs on the market). And if keyboard shortcuts are your thing, then Attio is Cmd+K first, which makes adding and editing records a breeze. 

The UX is intuitive (it took us under 30 minutes to feel confident using it), with the only minus points stemming from the ‘calculation’ functionality (intended to help you prioritise which relationships need attention) which would benefit from a tooltip.

Fantastic Data Enrichment

Attio will automatically enrich (i.e. add extra information to) your data. Simply add the email address of a contact, and it can add a profile picture, location, social media links, company information and description and much more. 

It feels like magic.

Fair warning, we’ve found the enrichment inconsistent (it doesn’t always manage to add a profile picture or otherwise enrich a contact, even if an accurate business email address is supplied) but it still leads the market in this regard, in our view.

Fast Product Iteration

Attio is improving at pace. It feels like each month meaningful improvements are made to the product (Custom Objects being a recent major update).  Don’t take our word for it - check out their changelog.

With a recent $25.5M funding round led by top-tier investor (Redpoint Ventures) we expect this to continue.


Lacks more advanced CRM functionality

Attio’s main limitation is that it lacks functionality that more sophisticated companies will require - such as native email sequencing, lead scoring and call tracking. It also lacks functionality that is key for field sales (e.g. territory management - the ability to assign ownership of a relationship based on location).

This isn’t short sightedness on Attio’s part - it’s partly due to timing (the company is still only a few years old, so is yet to build all the functionality it intends to) and partly due to positioning (Attio pitches itself as a lightweight, easy-to-use CRM).

Nevertheless, these functional limitations will mean Attio is not a fit for companies who have above-basic CRM needs. The lack of native email sequencing (the ability to automatically send contacts a sequence of emails, to convert a prospect or nurture a relationship) is especially noteworthy, as many companies will view this functionality as a must-have. You can use Zapier (or similar) to hack your way round this, but we wish this functionality was natively present in Attio.

Lacks many pre-built integrations 

Whilst Attio has pre-built integrations with a handful of the most common software tools (e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox) the list is short. Instead Attio pushes you to build your own integrations using Zapier, Make or its API. 

Whilst we’re confident this situation will change, it currently means the more mature CRMs on the market offer a meaningful advantage to users who wish to easily integrate key workflows. Top of our list would be Call Software integrations - so you can make and receive phone calls from within Attio - and Customer Support integrations - so you can track customer relationships across the entire customer lifecycle.

Expensive beyond the entry tier

Attio, as a company, are smart. They offer a highly attractive free tier (up to 3 seats, with limited–but-still-decent functionality) and then a competitively-priced first paid tier (£30 per user/month). 

But think carefully about what you need - they gate key functionality (e.g. multiple email accounts per user, and the ability to share emails only with specific contacts) behind the significantly more expensive Pro tier (£64 per user/month). A number of leading startups we've spoken with quickly find they need to upgrade to Attio's higher tiers, which are less competitively priced.

Who is 


best for?

If you are a small team (1 to 50 people), and 

  • Need basic CRM functionality (Store Contacts, Store Track Relationships via a Pipeline)
  • Value data enrichment and/or a delightful UX

Who is


less good for?

If you are a larger team (51+ people), and

  • Need more advanced CRM functionality (e.g. Lead Scoring, Email Sequencing or Call functionality)
  • And/or need pre-built integrations

This is our high-level take on Attio. For detailed analysis and comparison to alternative products, click to chat.

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Product Review

Attio Review 2023

Stackfix's verdict on Attio - the cutting-edge CRM built for startups.

Author's Profile Image
Paddy Stobbs
Co-Founder & CEO
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