How Stackfix works

Here's how Stackfix helps you find the right software, fast

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Paddy Stobbs

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What is Stackfix?

Stackfix is a powerful software marketplace that help you find the right product ⚡️ fast.

It offers powerful software discovery tooling, high-quality data and expert analysis .

How to use Stackfix

You can use Stackfix in two ways

  1. Personalised recommendations - Connect with an expert who will guide you to the right product - fast.
  2. Browse software - Explore our curated selection of the best products, using our powerful search tools, accurate data and expert insights on every product.

How we test software

We combine human expertise with cutting-edge AI to systematically curate, test and evaluate software.

1. It all starts with our team...

We are a team of software experts - former and current operators from leading companies. We leverage our experience to deeply research and test software, so that you don't have to.

2. We curate the best software

We spend our days hunting for the best products within the categories we cover. We use AI to monitor product releases and updates, as well as asking our network of leading current operators what products they are using or hearing about.

3. We systematically test each product

We've developed a robust, proprietary testing methodology that gets to the core of product quality. This includes meticulously testing hundreds of critical aspects across three core areas: functionality, user experience (UX), and customer support.

We use the latest AI models to optimise our testing process and keep our product information up-to-date.

4. We interview experienced users

Finally, we interview vetted users of each product to layer-on battle-tested experience. As part of this we ensure that each user is completely independent and has personally used the product at length.

This gives us a live, accurate, comprehensive and standardised dataset of what products do, and how well they do them.

How we make money

Stackfix is completely free to users.

  1. Vendors pay us to access our product testing data and insights.
  2. Vendors pay us, in some cases, if you choose them from our product lists. We either get paid a % of what you end up paying, or when you click through to a vendor.

How does Stackfix stay unbiased?

We are militant about 100% independence - vendors cannot pay to appear on Stackfix or to influence any of our guidance. Our product selection, testing and recommendation processes are entirely separate from any financial considerations. If the best product doesn't pay, it stays the best.

We use all fees we earn to continue to test products and fulfil our mission to help you find the right software, fast.

Find the right software for your business.

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