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Pipedrive Review 2024

Stackfix's verdict on Pipedrive - the simple CRM for small business. Top #3 strengths and weaknesses from our review of Pipedrive’s features.

Ed Fry

Software Reviewer

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What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a simple CRM tool for small businesses.

The creators of Pipedrive designed it to be visual and easy for sales reps to use. All of the founders of Pipedrive have a background in sales. They felt there was a gap to design a CRM around the needs of a sales rep first, not the managers who control them.

Even so, Pipedrive isn’t short of functionality. You’ll find all the common CRM capabilities, plus a library of add-ons and over 400 integrations to add extra functionality.

But is Pipedrive the right CRM for your business? To find out, our product experts put Pipedrive through the Stackfix test process. Here’s our verdict.

Stackfix's Verdict


Pipedrive is really easy to use

Robust add-ons for marketing and lead generation

Pipedrive is typically 30% cheaper than similar CRMs


You can't heavily customize Pipedrive

Email sequences aren't easy for outbound prospecting

All the add-ons add up

Best for

Small sales teams with a simple sales process

Business that source most of their leads via their website

Businesses that need a CRM just for their sales team

Less good For

Business that source most of their leads via outbound prospecting

Businesses that need more CRM customization

Businesses that need a flexible, multi-purpose CRM

What does Pipedrive do?

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Like many CRMs, it enables you to:

  • Store, manage, and track customer-related data.
  • Streamline core sales processes like prospecting, sales outreach, and managing a sales pipeline.
  • Group, de-duplicate, and enrich contacts
  • Create, send, and track email outreach messages

Pipedrive also has paid add-ons that bring more sales and marketing functionality:

  • Setup and manage website forms
  • Chat bots and live chat on your website
  • Find cold leads from a prospect database
  • Identify companies visiting your website
  • Allow prospects to schedule meetings
  • Send contracts, proposals, and quotes, plus capture signatures
  • Project management

Pipedrive also has over 400 integrations to connect to your other software tools. You can add apps to bring new functionality into your Pipedrive workspace.

What does Pipedrive look like?


#1: If you’re a sales rep, Pipedrive is really easy to use

Pipedrive’s user interface is really clean and simple. As a sales rep, you can get to most of what you need in one-click via the left hand main navigation.

Each of the main views makes all the information front-and-centre. If you’ve used any CRM before, the pipeline view will feel instantly familiar. Stages, deals, and filters are all clearly visible and easy to use.

Pipedrive Deals
See all your active deals in the Pipeline view

Unlike many other CRMs, it doesn’t feel like you have to keep clicking to see a lot of detail. For instance, if you want to see more about a contact related to a deal, hovering over a link to see a summary saves you from needing to click through.

Pipedrive comes with native mobile apps on iOS and Android too. The mobile apps are just as easy to use as the web desktop app (except everything is a tap away), but they are also fully featured too. You won’t find yourself feeling stuck away from a desk when working on your phone.

I loved how Pipedrive helps you prioritize your work day. On every Contact and Deal profile, the toggled “Focus” section highlights all the activities that need your attention right at the top. For example, upcoming meetings and email drafts.

Pipedrive Focus section
Pipedrive shows what's coming up in the 'Focus' section on their profiles.

Another way Pipedrive helps you to prioritize your work is the Lead Inbox. This is a separate space to review, qualify, and take action on new leads coming into your sales team.

#2: So many robust add-ons for marketing and lead generation

Pipedrive has many add-ons for marketing and lead generation. For small amounts each month, you can add new features like:

  • Website forms
  • Website chat bots and live chat
  • Email marketing
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Prospect for people
  • Identify companies on your website

Most of these feature add-ons are found in a tab on the Lead Inbox, so they don’t clutter or change how your sales reps work. New activities like form submissions show up in timelines on your Contact, Organization, and Deal profile pages too.

Pipedrive Lead Inbox
Pipedrive's Lead Inbox enables you to see all new leads from many different sources

#3: Pipedrive is very good value, typically 30% cheaper than similar alternatives.

Pipedrive’s pricing is very competitive compared to similar CRM alternatives. If you compare prices of Pipedrive’s plans like-for-like with other CRMs, you’ll find the cost per seat is typically 30% cheaper.

Pipedrive CRM pricing comparison

Although there isn’t a free tier, the entry level price is still low at $24/user/month with monthly billing. All plans offer a 14-day free trial that doesn’t need a credit card.

Their most expensive plan is only $99/user/month. This is a similar price point to mid-tier plans of CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce. We think most small businesses will find their needs met with lower tiers, even as you grow your sales team.

If you can commit to annual billing, Pipedrive offers the most generous discounts of all the CRMs we’ve tested. Typically, the average discount from CRM providers for annual billing is 20%. With Pipedrive, the average annual discount of 27% works out as 3 months free, with the entry level plan offering 42% - that’s five months free!

Pipedrive annual discounts

There are a few ways that Pipedrive can become worse value for money.

You can get caught out paying for lots of add-ons, but features like live chat and prospecting could save you from buying another tool.

Watch out for what currency you pay in. Pipedrive keeps the same sticker prices as their US dollar pricing in different currencies. For example, the Enterprise plan is $99/user/month. If you’re in Europe, you’ll pay €99/user/month. In the UK, you’ll pay £99/user/month. There’s no adjustment to local pricing. If you can pay via a US entity, you might be able to save 10-20%, even after any bank charges for currency conversion.


#1: If you want to heavily customize Pipedrive, you may get frustrated

Pipedrive is not built to be as customizable as other CRMs. If you have a more complex sales process or use cases beyond your sales team, you might struggle to get Pipedrive to work well for your whole business.

For example, you can't add your custom objects (like a “Product”, “Subscription”, “Order” or similar) beyond Pipedrive's defaults. These include:

  • Leads
  • Deals
  • Contacts
  • Organizations
  • Products.

Pipedrive does let you add custom fields, choose what views you see in profiles, customize your pipeline stages. But, these sorts of customizations are common across most CRMs.

Another way you can customize Pipedrive is with over 400 apps and integrations. But, you may need to pay extra for functionality that comes included with other CRMs. For example, Pipedrive has the LeadBooster add-on for forms, live chat, and chat bots, and Campaign add-on for marketing email. All this functionality comes included with a platform HubSpot’s entry level starter plan.

#2: Email sequences aren’t easy for outbound prospecting

Pipedrive has email sequences built-in and included on every plan except the lowest one. But to set them up, you need to connect them to an automated workflow. This means that each sequence takes a lot more clicks to set up.

So if you create lots of unique outreach sequences, Pipedrive will feel slower to use. In other CRMs like Close or Streak CRM, creating a sequence is more like sending an email.

The email sequencing is more suited to following up quickly with inbound leads. Typically, sales teams have fewer of these automated sequences to setup and manage (i.e. one per form).

#3: All the add-ons add up.

Pipedrive’s core CRM pricing is very competitive. But, the add-ons can sometimes be much more expensive than similar tools.

For example, the LeadBooster add-on is $39/month total for the company. You only get 10 credits per month for their Prospector tool to find a new lead. To source more prospects, you need to pay for credits, and these start at $1 each. The cost drops to $0.30 each after 251 per month. Even so, this is much more expensive than similar prospecting tools.

Similarly, the Website Visitor’s Add-on charges by the number of identified companies. The costs for these start at $0.25 per company they identify, dropping to $0.15 over 500 per month. The cost is based on monthly website traffic. If you have high website traffic, this add-on may be much more expensive than alternative providers.

Best for

  • Small sales teams with a simple sales process
  • Businesses that source most of their leads from their website via forms and chat
  • Businesses that need a CRM just for their sales team to work from

Less good for

  • Sales teams that source most of their leads through outbound prospecting
  • OR businesses with a complex sales process that needs more CRM customization
  • OR businesses that need custom objects in their CRM
  • OR businesses that need flexible, multi-purpose CRM that teams outside of sales can work with

Wrapping up

Our verdict: We gave Pipedrive 7.4/10 (May 2024).

We love how they've built both a simple interface, but also packed in a lot of functionality. The add-ons for marketing use cases make it easy for small businesses to keep a small, simple tech stack. The pricing is very competitive with other CRMs, with a few exceptions around add-ons.

We question whether most growing businesses will be able to stay with Pipedrive. The biggest reason you might need to ‘graduate’ to another CRM is the lack of customizability.

For the outbound use cases, we’d love to see the outreach sequences simplified. It’s one of the few areas where their key functionality doesn’t feel like it works like a sales rep would want it to. Also, we’d love to see LinkedIn prospecting made native like Folk and Attio instead of relying on an add-on.

As a UK-based startup, we’re really not a fan of a higher price just to pay in British pounds. We’d prefer to see their non-US dollar pricing change for different markets and currencies instead of keeping the sticker price the same.

If you’re looking for a simple sales CRM and most of your leads come from your website, Pipedrive is an excellent choice to consider.

But, don’t buy Pipedrive just yet…

There is no perfect CRM tool. Every software buying decision is a trade-off decision.

If you’re interested in Pipedrive, then we’ve found two other highly-rated CRMs that could be a better fit for your business. Both of these CRMs review well for ease of use and rich functionality.

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