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Patrick Stobbs
Sales Software Expert
10+ years experience
Camin McCluskey
Project Management Software Expert
7+ years experience
Steph Leung
HR Software Expert
4+ years experience
Myron Kruger
Customer Support Software Expert
7+ years experience

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Rob - CEO Boom - profile image

"Stackfix saved us a ton of time narrowing down the options the right CRM and actually surfaced one that we weren't even thinking about - and that's the one we ended up opting for! Super fast too. 10/10 would recommend!"


CEO, B2C Proptech Startup

Stefan - CEO PhycoWorks - profile image

"Highly recommend - we were looking for a new CRM software and Paddy quickly understood our requirements. He provided a thorough, personalised recommendation (including a comparison of the top options across key criteria) that allowed us to select and implement a new tool with confidence."


CEO, B2B Biotech startup

Mark - Head of People, Spotted Zebra - profile image

"Paddy provided a detailed HRIS recommendation, and guided us to a product that we hadn't seen otherwise. Fantastic service and would highly recommend"


Head of People, B2B HR Startup

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