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Stackfix's team of experts curate and test software products, so you don’t have to. Here’s how.

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Stackfix’s mission is to help businesses buy the right software, fast. A key part of that is working out what software is (a) good, and (b) right for different users and use cases.‍

We believe that the only way to do that is via objective, independent testing of each product to produce expert insights and ratings. Here's how we do it:

1. We curate the best software

We spend our days hunting for the best products within the categories we cover. We use AI to monitor product releases and updates, as well as asking our network of leading current operators what products they are using or hearing about.

2. We systematically test each product

We've developed a robust, proprietary testing methodology that gets to the core of product quality. This includes meticulously testing hundreds of critical aspects across three core areas: functionality, user experience (UX), and customer support

We use the latest AI models to optimize our testing process and keep our product information up-to-date.

3. We interview experienced users

Finally, we interview vetted users of each product to layer-on battle-tested experience.

These are not faceless stooges who have been paid to say glowing things by the vendor - these are independent, experienced users with the highest quality bars.

4. Finally, we keep the data fresh

One of the magical things about software is that evolves - in some cases very fast.

So a key part of our job is ensuring our data and analysis is currently accurate, rather than out-of-date.

To do this, we refresh our data at least every month. Painful - but essential ✨

The result? A live, accurate, comprehensive and standardized dataset of what products do, and how well they do them.

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